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Visit Poplar Hill Mansion's new pollinator garden

Visit Poplar Hill Mansion's new pollinator garden

Visit Poplar Hill Mansion's new pollinator garden

Vanessa Junkin - 5/20/2021 4:48:27 PM

On World Bee Day, the ribbon was officially cut for Poplar Hill Mansion's new pollinator garden.

"Pollinators are important because we rely on pollinators for our existence," said David Scheid, professor of practice at Salisbury University. He works in the environmental studies department, and his environmental landscape design class worked on this project for the past two years.

A coloring page of a historical Williamsburg, Virginia, garden was the inspiration for the design of the garden that the students built, said Scheid, who is also president of the Friends of Poplar Hill Mansion.

He said both virtual and in-person students worked on the project, with virtual students doing research and in-person students working on the garden.

In addition to different types of plants, there is a decorative bee skep housed in a wooden structure. On the other side of the structure are the wood-burned initials of students who worked on the project

Bee skeps — handmade straw hives — are not permitted to be used for bees anymore, and as mentioned, this one is decorative. But during the Federal Period, when Poplar Hill Mansion was built, they would have been used.

There will be labels by the plants, which will let visitors know whether bees or other pollinators pollinate the plants and what the use of the plant is, such as fabric dyeing, culinary or medicinal, Scheid said. 

In addition to bees, beetles, ants, birds, bats, butterflies and moths are also pollinators, he said.

Poplar Hill Mansion is located in Salisbury's historic Newtown neighborhood, at 117 Elizabeth St. The garden is to the right side of the brick driveway. Poplar Hill Mansion is open Sundays from 1-4 p.m. for free tours (excluding June 20) and other times by appointment. Learn more about the mansion here.

Salisbury is also a Bee City USA. Learn more here.


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