Wicomico Eats: Sub Runners

Wicomico Eats: Sub Runners

Wicomico Eats: Sub Runners

Vanessa Junkin - September 14, 2022

Sub Runners has been a locally-owned staple in Wicomico County for 35 years. We sat down with Steve Wilson, marketing manager at Sub Runners, to learn more about the restaurant and its food. 

What kinds of dishes are you known for? 

Cheesesteaks are the No. 1 seller, followed by wings, Wilson says. After that are salads, wraps and pizzas. 

What’s one dish you would recommend a visitor try? 

"I have too many to name," Wilson says. A couple current favorites are the Shrimp Cheesesteak and Western Pizza (which features cheese, KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce, bacon and your choice of steak or chicken).

What’s something unique on your menu? 

The rolls used for Sub Runners' subs are freshly baked on-site. Wilson also highlighted Ms. Cathy's Sweet & Sassy sauce, chicken salad and tuna salad. 

Any specials you’d like to highlight? 

Summer Salads, available through Sept. 30, include the Grilled Chicken and Bacon Salad ($8.99), Taco Salad ($8.99) and Sweet Thai Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Salad ($8.99). Funnel Fries are $3.99 and Fresh Baked Pie is $3.29/slice. 

Other specials (subject to change) include: 

  • Sundays:  Two personal one-topping pizzas and 20 wings for $31.59
  • Mondays: Value toasted meatball and cheese sub, regular fry and 20 oz. soda for $9.99
  • Tuesdays: Two half Italian cold cut subs, jumbo fry and two 20 oz. sodas for $18.99
  • Wednesdays: Two half triple cheesesteaks, jumbo fry and two 20 oz. sodas for $20.99
  • Thursdays: One-topping personal pizza and 20 oz. soda for $5.69
  • Fridays: $1 off a 15-inch tuna or 15-inch fish sub
  • Saturdays: Value sub, bag of chips and 20 oz. soda for $8.99

Sub Runners is located right on Route 13 in Salisbury, at 901 N. Salisbury Blvd., Suite A. The shopping center is under construction, but the businesses are still open -- if you're looking at the front of building, it's all the way to the left. 

Sub Runners has also introduced a loyalty program. If you'd like to start earning points, place an online order or check out the menu, visit www.Sub-Runners.com. 

See a behind-the-scenes view in our latest Instagram reel.

From top to bottom are the Sub Runners' Western Pizza; two salads; and desserts -- bread pudding, a piece of pie and a brownie. 

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