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Guest Blog: Nanticoke River Wildlife Management Area is a prime Wicomico birding spot

Guest Blog: Nanticoke River Wildlife Management Area is a prime Wicomico birding spot

Vanessa Junkin - Friday, May 21, 2021

We will feature guest bloggers from time to time. Today's post is by Mike Walsh, president of the Tri-County Bird Club. Here, he writes about his favorite place to bird in Wicomico County.

My favorite birding spot in Wicomico County is the Nanticoke River Wildlife Management Area. Located just two miles west of Quantico off Cherry Walk Road, this area offers birds of interest every season. Nutters Neck Road, the entrance, winds through a very inviting woods, then opens out to farm fields, hedgerows, a couple of creeks and a swamp forest.

The hedgerows offer excellent nesting cover for the returning neotropical migrants like White-eyed Vireos, Yellow-breasted Chats and Indigo Buntings. They also attract those that are passing through, like the Connecticut Warbler, Blue-winged Warbler and others.

Sometimes in the late spring, I’ll take a camp chair down to the furthest woods and just watch a Red-headed Woodpecker feeding its young, or Grasshopper Sparrows that have a nest in the tall grasses in fallow fields left for them.

To me, the best part of a walk through this area is the chance to see and hear Northern Bobwhites. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is grooming the environment here to restore the population. This beautiful little quail is endangered in Maryland and this is about the only place to see or hear them in the county.

You can spend an hour or two and catch a fairly large number of species or spend an entire day and still not cover all the management area. I probably manage about a trip a week out there and I’m never disappointed. Oh yeah, it is off the beaten track, so birdsong is never drowned out by traffic noise. That is a great benefit!

Learn more about the property on the DNR website.

Photos of the Nanticoke River Wildlife Management Area - Nutter's Neck are by Josephine Noonan and the photo of the Northern Bobwhite is from Adobe Stock.

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