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It's National Road Trip Day! Here are 16 places less than a mile from Route 50 to put on your to-visit list

It's National Road Trip Day! Here are 16 places less than a mile from Route 50 to put on your to-visit list

Vanessa Junkin - Friday, May 22, 2020

While many attractions aren't open at this time because of COVID-19, National Road Trip Day is still a good time to plan future trips. And, Wicomico County offers many attractions that are less than a mile from Route 50.

Make a plan to see some of these places next time you're traveling. Of course, be sure to check that an attraction is open before planning a visit. Indoor locations below are closed, aside from the breweries, which are offering takeout (no dining in at this time). 

If heading west on Route 50, you'll first enter Mardela Springs when you come into Wicomico County.

The Adkins Historical & Museum Complex is just 0.22 miles away from Route 50, and the Barren Creek Springs Heritage Center & Museum is right nearby. In "normal" times, visitors should call ahead before visiting: 410-726-8113 for Adkins and 410-726-8047 for Barren Creek Springs. 

Continuing west, the "Old Spring Hill" St. Paul's Church historical marker can be seen from Route 50 in the Hebron area. The church burned down, but you can still learn about the building that used to stand in this spot.  

When given the choice to take Route 50 toward Ocean City or Route 50 Business toward Salisbury, opt for Route 50 Business to keep exploring. 

The Rockawalkin School building, which can only be seen from the outside, is a little more than a half a mile off the highway. 

Downtown Salisbury and Newtown are both adjacent to Route 50 — Downtown to the right (south) and Newtown to the left (north). 

If you head Downtown, you can see The General Humphreys Cannon, the Salisbury Art Space and Salisbury University's Downtown Galleries

If you head toward Newtown, you can find Poplar Hill Mansion about a half-mile from Route 50 and Parsons Cemetery, just 0.68 miles from the highway. The Charles H. Chipman Cultural Center can be seen from the highway but takes about a half-mile to get to (when the building is open, tours must be scheduled). 

Continuing on your travels, Evolution Craft Brewing Company is about three-quarters of a mile from Route 50. (Don't drink and drive; bring along a designated driver).

The Wicomico Civic Center is just more than a half-mile off the highway, and the Salisbury Zoo is nearby, at 0.82 mile away from Route 50. The zoo is, of course, outdoors, but remains closed at this time. 

It's hard to miss Arthur W. Perdue Stadium, home of the Delmarva Shorebirds, from Route 50, and it only takes about a quarter-mile to drive to the entrance. 

Now off the business portion of Route 50, make a stop at Tall Tales Brewing Company in Parsonsburg for food and drink. The sign can be seen from the road, and it's only about 0.15 mile to get there. 

We hope to have you back once more places have reopened. Have you ever taken a detour to find something interesting here in Wicomico County? Let us know! 

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